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Self-Healing and Damage Control Concepts

This research focuses on the application of different self-healing and damage control concepts for application in industrially relevant structural features. However, it is important that the mechanical performance of the structure is not altered by the introduction of additional features.

Skin stiffened structures are widely used in low weight applications, such as in aerospace. The in-plane loads are taken by the skin, whereas the stiffeners reduce the buckling length and provide additional bending stiffness.


One critical failure mode is stringer debonding from the skin by the propagating delaminations. These delaminations are due to arising through-thickness stresses caused by the localised increment of stiffness.

With the help of interleaves, the propagating delaminations are redirected into a vascular network, through which a dye penetrant for damage visualisation or a resin for healing can be injected.